Dec 26

Capital Punishment?

The topic of capital punishment is one of the most controversial topics one could find. It is not so only in the United States, but also around the world. Many people disagree with this method of punishment do to the wonder of whether or not humans have to rite to chose when and if a person should die. Others agree with the death penalty because they believe that it can give closure to the families of victims. Also, most people do not want to believe that there are people in this world that are able to commit such heinous crimes as rape or murder. However, the reason that I do not agree with the death penalty is yes, my admiration for human life, but also the fact that I do not believe that the death penalty is much of a punishment at all. If anything, it is an escape. The method leaves the offender free of all guilt, embarassment, and responsability for th crime that they commited. Also, you may have heard of the parable that states “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. It states that if someone steals something from another, then that victum has the rite to take the equal from the theif. Many people teach against this principle because it is unintelligent. It is so because it simply ends with both partys losing. Yet, the United States courts seem to advise it in the instance of a death sentence. This is so because it is simply a death for a death and this does not get us anywhere. I believe that for any instance that the death penalty would be used, life imprisonment should be sentenced instead. This method is much more of a punishment. It leaves the person to face the crime that they committed and to live with the consequences.

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